Dog Walk and Jumping in Extension

This morning we practiced the Dog Walk and Jumping in Extension.

The course started at the table (in a down) then two jumps into a ‘U’ shaped tunnel followed by the Dog Walk to the Manners Minder.  I wanted to build up a much speed as possible approaching the Dog Walk.

We had 5 reps in total – the first 3 were not particularly good ones.  Ice made the contact but his feet were not meeting criteria and to make matters worse I rewarded all 3 of them.

The final 2 runs were much better – he had 2 back feet split apart and solidly in the middle of the contact zone, just what I’m looking for.

Ice is extending nicely over the jumps but I think he can still go a lot quicker.

Times for each rep were:

  1. 9.33s
  2. 7.25s
  3. 7.40s
  4. 7.20s
  5. 7.00s

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