Jumping Grid

This morning I setup a jump grid for Ice.  The goal was to try to get him running and jumping at maximum speed.  The jumps were spaced 20’ apart.  There were 5 jumps in a straight line ending in a U shaped tunnel.

Here is a video of his second run (which was marginally faster than the first).

Things I liked about the run.

  1. He remained sitting on the start line whilst I led out.
  2. When I released him he exploded away from his sitting position showing lots of drive.
  3. After the first jump he’s only putting in a single stride between jumps. As the interval between jumps is too much for him to bounce jump he must be going pretty close to his maximum possible speed.

Things I’m not sure about.

  1. To my eyes he might be over jumping the jumps, that is jumping too high.
  2. His rear end seems to invert a little on descent, this might be caused by over jumping.

Other things he did that I liked (but weren’t related to jumping) was his focus on me throughout the training session.  He didn’t go wondering off sniffing like he has sometimes in the past.  Also, he brought the thrown toy back to me, I didn’t need to chase after him to get it.

As I was walking back to start line he wanted to play tug with the toy.  This is another sign that he is feeling happy and enjoying things.

Overall I’m very pleased with this morning’s session – I’m pretty sure Ice was giving me close to maximum effort and I can’t ask for any more than that.


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