Fun Run at Argus Ranch August 20, 2015

This evening Ice had his second “Fun Run” at Argus Ranch.  This time we ran both Standard and Jumpers courses although I did bypass the Teeter on the Standard course because I’m not confident yet of Ice’s performance on this obstacle when taken in flow – he sometimes confuses it with the Dog Walk.

Both courses were way beyond anything he would encounter on an AKC Novice course.  The Jumpers course having a “Threadle” and the Standard course having the weaves go right into a wall.

Things that I liked about the runs were:

  1. Ice did all 12 poles on both courses including the challenging weaves into the wall.
  2. Ice has happy with me performing a front cross after weaves on the Jumpers course.
  3. Ice did a really nice wrap at the end of the Jumpers course, his foundation flat work really paid off here.
  4. Ice was focused and he stayed connected to me on both runs.
  5. His A-Frame was nice.

Things that could have gone better were:

  1. I really did not like his Dog Walk performance that much – he was slow and although I was pretty sure he made the contact on course I’m not so sure after reviewing the video closely.
  2. I did a poor job cuing the weaves on the Standard course and that is why Ice missed the entrance.
  3. He was not moving as quickly as I would like, I didn’t rev him up with a toy prior to the runs, maybe that was the reason,  Also, there weren’t many people or dogs present and their presence usually gets Ice more excited.

In conclusion, if these were Novices courses at a trial Ice would have Q’ed on both of them.  He stayed on course, didn’t knock and bars and I’m pretty sure he made the contacts.


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