Reflections on class at IADW – June 10 and June 11, 2015

Course fragment from class
Course fragment from class

Usually Sky goes to class on Wednesday and Ice on Thursday, but as Sky is grounded Ice is going on both days.  This means I had the opportunity to retry the sequence that caused the table issues on Wednesday.

Here is the course fragment that Ice ran, the sequence started at the chute #9 and ended at the double #19.

On Thursday Ice had no issues running this course, here’s how I handled it.

I started with Ice on my right and did a short lead out to the chute.  Next I did a “Pull” from #10 to #11 followed by a “forward send” to the table #12.  Ice went into a down as soon as he hit the table.

I released Ice from the table on my left side and I did another “Pull” from the Panel Jump #13 to the A-Frame  followed by a “Forward Send” to jump  #15, as Ice wrapped back from #15 I had already moved to the landing side of #16 doing a blind cross which I completed before Ice took the Triple jump #16.  With Ice now on my right I did another “Pull” around #17 and #18 and the showed lots of forward towards the final jump #19.


  • This sequence was pretty easy for Ice even though it did come from a Master’s level AKC course.
  • I would have handled Sky the same way only I would have done a Front Cross rather than a Blind Cross between #16 and #17.
  • Ice is still not running anywhere near as fast as he is capable of running.
  • Ice’s running A-Frame is way better than Sky’s


Dog Walk Sequence

IceCourseb6-11-15The course opened with this Dog Walk challenge.  I took the opportunity to use this sequence to practice Ice’s running Dog Walk.  We did 10 reps in all and there was only 1 miss.  The rest of the runs were either good (multiple feet in the contact zone) or very good (two rear feet split in the middle third of the contact zone).  On the first 8 reps Ice just took the tire and then ran the Dog Walk.  On reps #9 and #10 I beat him to the end of the Dog Walk (I had to run hard to do it) and then did a rear cross on the flat to turn Ice into the tunnel.  I was able to get to the end of tunnel #3 to do a push into tunnel #4.  If tunnel #3 had been a 15′ one I would not have been able to do this.


  • Ice’s running contacts are still working really well even though we don’t train them very often.  Unlike Sky he understands what the criteria are and he makes the necessary stride adjustments to meet them.
  • The one time Ice missed the Dog Walk contact was almost certainly caused me over stimulating him with a squeaky toy immediately prior to the rep.
  • Ice still gets distracted in class by other dogs and/or people – that said he was better this week than previous weeks and he was coming back to me (eventually) when I called him rather than me or Sarah having to capture him.



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