Weave Poles and ‘B’ Match

I’ve been a bit lazy with Ice’s weave pole training.  Sky learnt on channel weaves with “training bars”, he ran through a wide channel for about 6 months before I started closing it.  He then went from a 6″ channel to inline in about 2-3 weeks.  I trained Little Riley with the same method and he learned even quicker, he was doing 6 inline poles in about a week.

With Ice I decided to use “weave-a-matic” weaves running to the Manners Minder.  Penny has been training Ice on the weaves during the day whilst I’m at work.  Yesterday Ice was doing 6 inline poles to the manners minder.  He’s been doing this for a couple of weeks now.  The problem is he is very environment sensitive, if we move the poles to a different area of the yard he doesn’t see the obstacle as weaves anymore and we have to start over with a wide “V” in order to get him weaving again.

That said, when Ice does weave he has a nice action for a medium sized dog, he can’t single step the poles like Sky does but he does move through them quickly without too much lateral motion.

‘B Match’

The Evergreen Retriever Trial are having a ‘B’ Match this afternoon at Argus Ranch.  I’m going to take Ice along, I’m not sure yet whether I’ll run him or not, the main factors influencing my decision will be heat and Ice’s distraction level.

Table Sequence

We ran two small jumping sequences this morning and Penny videoed them for me.


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