Reflections on class at IADW – June 17, 2015

Wednesday class

IceCourse6-17-15I lined Ice up so that he was inline with the jump sequence, I had Ice on my right hand side.  I placed Ice about 10 feet from the Tire and I lead out about 3 feet past the tire.  I released Ice and he took off like a rocket and caught me a little by surprise.  Ice took all the jumps and did a running A-Frame, I was in front of Ice when he descended the A-Frame and “pushed” Ice into the tunnel.  Whilst Ice was in the tunnel I did a cross so that when he came out he was on my left hand side and did a forward send into the second tunnel.  I rewarded Ice as he emerged from tunnel.

Ice ran this sequence fine but I was surprised by his sudden turn of speed. On reflection I now realize that it was the draw of the A-Frame which caused him to run quick.  The A-Frame is Ice’s favorite piece of equipment.

Our second sequence consisted of a jump followed by the DW followed by another jump.  Ice did OK on this sequence too, he had a nice performance on the down ramp contact but was a little slower than I was expecting.

Dog Walk

Ice ran the Dog Walk 3 times, the first and last runs were OK the middle run was a jump.  I will practice the Dog Walk more in class on Thursday this time using the Manners Minder to reward good runs.


Ice had two A-Frame runs, both were good.  Ice loves the A-Frame, I don’t think we will do anymore this week.


The big news on the weaves is that Ice actually saw the weave poles as weaves and started weaving.  He did skip some poles so we sill have lots to work on.


Ice took the opening 3 jumps very well – he was running the fastest I’ve ever seen on an agility course and I was not using his squeaky toy to jazz him up any!.  He did slow down a little towards the end of class, not sure whether he was tired or bored.


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