Goals for tonights class – 18th June 2015

  1. Run some Dog Walks making sure I withhold the reward (manners minder) if his feet don’t strictly meet criteria.  He needs to learn that he must always get two rear feet in the yellow regardless of what happens prior to the DW or immediately after the DW.
  2. Weaves – he was attempting the weaves last night in class but not quite doing them correctly.  I think we should be able to fix that tonight
  3. Tunnels – I want to build up more value for tunnels.  I don’t want him going nuts over them but I do want him running through them quicker than he currently is.
  4. Teeter – I will continue to raise the teeter closer to full height, we are one notch away at home.  I want him to learn that the Teeter and DW are different and his performance on these obstacles must be different too, ie. no launching off the end of the teeter 🙂

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