Goal’s for Daisy Peel’s Summer Camp

Tomorrow is a big day for Ice, he’s going to Daisy’s summer camp.  Ice has travelled and stayed overnight before but this will be his first trip without Penny and Sky.

Last year Sky and I went to Daisy’s summer camp.  It was very hot and come late morning Sky was not keen on running and I can’t say I blame him.  Camp was in August last year, this year its in late June, it should be cooler.  Either way I’m probably only going to work Ice in the morning sessions (9:30 to 12:30).  There are two reasons for this.

  1. It will be a lot cooler than the afternoon session.
  2. At Tori Self’s seminar Ice started out strong in the morning and faded badly in the afternoon session.

Ice is still very much a puppy, he’s not used to working all day and he’s certainly not used to working in bright sunshine when the temperature in the sun is 90+F.

Back to goals – the obvious goal is to improve Ice’s jumping skills, this is a jumping camp after all!  But I have some other important goals I want to achieve that reflect Ice’s current level of training, these are:

  1. Focus – Ice is getting better at focusing on me but he is still easily distracted, particularly as this will be a new environment for him.
  2. Drive/Speed – Ice is capable of running almost as quickly as Sky in a straight line and he can easily out turn Sky, but right now he’s not extending his stride between the jumps like Sky does, neither does he run the tunnels anywhere near as quickly as he is capable of.
  3. Recalls – again Ice does not come back to me 100% of the time like Sky does.
  4. Fun/Exciting – last on the list but perhaps most important, I want Ice to have a lot of fun, I want him to think Agility is the most exciting thing he can do.  Sky thinks this and I want Ice to do so too.

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