Training Plan for the week beginning July 5, 2015

Last week we spent a lot of time working the weaves.  Ice now has a pretty good understanding of the entry requirements and he’s happy driving straight ahead without wondering what I’m doing.  We also did some DW and AF practice in class at “Dog’s World”.  I didn’t train the tunnel as much as I had planned as I spent more time working the weaves.

The plan for this week is:

  1. Weaves – add additional poles, continue to work entries and independence.
  2. Teeter – the teeter will be our contact obstacle of the week.  Ice sometimes confuses the Teeter for the DW.  I don’t want him launching off the end of the teeter.
  3. Tunnels – review some of the foundation flat work exercises that used the tunnel.

Ice has graduated from his “Beginner Agility” class at Dog’s World – this week he starts the Intermediate class on Monday nights at 8pm.


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