Reflections on class 6th July 2015

This was Ice’s first class at the Intermediate level and overall he did very well.

In his beginners classes there were other dogs out on the agility field working at the same time.  This proved to be a significant distraction for Ice although he did get a little better as class progressed.  Ice has also been attending Sky’s “Expert” level classes whilst Sky recovers from injury.  Ice has done well in these classes but Penny was next door working Sky in Rally, Ice knew this tried to go visit several times.  We did not have that distraction last night and as a result Ice’s focus improved dramatically.

We ran two different courses – an international JWW course and a Novice/Open STD course.  In both cases I modified the course to avoid the weave poles.  Ice is not quite ready to take the weaves in a sequence yet.

Here’s a link to the course map.

Highlights of the night were:

  1. Drive and speed – Ice has speeded up considerably from Camp.  Hard to image the difference really, camp was only 2 weeks ago.
  2. Enthusiasm – Ice exploded away from the start line when I released him.
  3. Confidence – Ice tugged all the way to the start line and he tugged after each run too, this is a good sign as he will only tug if he feels relaxed and confident of what is being asked of him.
  4. Start line stay – Ice held his start line even though I could see he was itching to get going.  He was sitting but leaning forward waiting for his release, just like Sky does.
  5. Forward Sends – both course had these and Ice read the cue perfectly.
  6. Dog Walks – Ice did the Dog Walk twice, on both runs he had multiple feet (>2) nicely spread in the middle of the USDAA contact.  Its so nice to be able to cue the Dog Walk and not have to manage the far end of it like I do with Sky.

Things that need more work:

  1. Lateral Sends – Ice reads these but he needs a stronger cue than what I was giving him.  On a couple of occasions I cued a jump and moved laterally only to see Ice run by the jump.

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