Class 8th July 2015

We ran the full JWW course from Monday – Ice did very well, nice speed and focus.  The lateral sends which were a problem on Monday were much better this time.

We also ran the same modified Standard course that he ran on Monday.  He did not do so well on this, he missed his DW contact and did not appear to have the same level of drive as he did on Monday or earlier in today’s class.  I think this was caused by two factors:

  1. Tiredness – Ice had already run the full JWW course twice which is further than he’s ever run before.
  2. Lack of encouragement/rewards from me.  I really must make the effort to remind Ice just how well he’s doing.  His performance improves so much when I do.

Desiree also pointed out that I should try to not get too far in front of Ice, this would discourage him from trying to catch up with me.

We have class again tonight, this time I’m going to concentrate on training the contacts and weaves.  There will not be any handling.


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