Class July 9th, 2015

We trained the rear cross, Ice got it on my first attempt but I did not get the cue timing right and Ice ran by the jump rather than taking it.  Same thing happen on our second attempt.  On our third attempt I got the timing right, Ice took the jump and continued with the course.

Next we moved onto weaves – I had 4 poles and concentrated working the entries and independence.  Ice is getting pretty good at finding the entrance but I think we can still be better.

Finally we worked the contacts.  Ice loves the A-Frame and did some great runs over it.  Next we moved onto the Teeter.  This was a disaster, Ice read the Teeter as a Dog Walk, he ran up the plank but didn’t expect it to tip.  When it did tip it took Ice completely by surprise, he leaped off it and was pretty shaken.  He would not go near the Teeter from that point onward until I lowered it to almost its lowest setting.


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