Weave Update

I’ve continued to work the weaves over the past couple of weeks and Ice has progressed very nicely as a result.

He’s now doing 6 inline poles and really driving his way through to the end.  He’s also pretty good at finding the entrance and staying in the poles whilst I move around.

Things we need to continue to work on are:

  1. Location – I need to start moving the weaves to different areas of the yard.  Ice has been doing 6 inline poles at Dogs World so I know he does have some degree of location independence.
  2. Extra poles – I plan on having 6 poles then a longish gap and 6 more poles, over time I’ll reduce the gap until he’s effectively doing 12 inline poles.
  3. Entries and independence – I’m going to continue working the entry angle and the entry speed.  Not only does Ice need to be able to find the correct entry from any approach angle he needs to know to collect prior to the first pole.

This is pretty much the training plan for the week.  In addition I want to restart our Teeter training – this is the last obstacle we need before I can enter Ice in a trial.


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