Class August 10, 2015

Here is a link to the course map: EO Large Dog Agility

Things that went well.

  1. Ice was very motivated, moving quickly and really driving over the obstacles.
  2. He weave pole performance was great, he had no trouble finding the entries, he stayed in and did all 12 poles and he really pushed himself through the poles.
  3. Ice clearly understands push through threadles, he did lots of them last night and all were good.
  4. He understands FX on the flat too, I took him past the plane of a jump did a FX on the flat, cued the jump which he sliced nicely and then did another FX followed by a forward send to the weaves.  Ice handled all this like a pro.
  5. Ice had a really nice running AF, he’s totally independent of me and gets his feet (all 4 of them) deep into the yellow.

Things that need some work

  1. Ice did the DW 3 times last night and missed the down contact on all 3 attempts.  This had Sarah and me a little confused as he’s been doing the DW flawlessly recently.  Turns out the next obstacle was a tunnel which was straight inline with the down ramp of the DW.  Ice loves tunnels and his eagerness to get to the tunnel was causing him to not adjust his stride to hit the yellow like he normally does.

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