Class August 17, 2015

Ice ran two different courses, the first course was recorded. See below:

Here is the course map.

Observations from class.

  1. Ice was quicker this week than last week.
  2. He made his DW contacts this week, but the next obstacle was a jump not a tunnel.  We have done a lot of work this week running the DW into a tunnel but Ice is not 100% consistent hitting the contact with this setup yet.
  3. Ice is way quicker through the tunnels than Sky and I’m struggling to get my tunnel timing right.  This resulted in an almost crash as Ice emerged from the tunnel sooner than I was expecting.
  4. On the first recorded run Ice seemed to think the Down on the table was optional.  He did much better on the second run.
  5. I’m also late cuing some of my FX’s resulting in Ice taking jumps in extension when I wanted partial collection.  This can be seen clearly on the jump after the DW in the video.
  6. For the first time ever at “Dogs World” Ice brought the tug toy back to me after I threw it.  This should speed things up a lot.  He always brings the toy back at home I wonder why it took him so long to do it in class.
  7. We haven’t practiced weaves all week but it didn’t matter, Ice found his entry first time, drove through all 12 poles and correctly read my push after the last pole.  He’s really moving through the weaves now, hard to see him going any quicker (although he’s not as quick as Sky – but Sky can single step the weaves Ice can’t).
  8. Ice did two beautiful running A-Frames completely independently of me.  Its so nice to be able to cue the A-Frame and leave, I really wish I had trained Sky to do this.  Actually Sky can do it but he always misses the contact in his haste to catch up to me.

Things to work on for next week.

  1. We haven’t done the Tyre or Panel Jumps for some time, as Ice will definitely see these in his first AKC trial I should resume training them.
  2. Continue his Teeter training.  He’s very close to performing the Teeter how I want him too, but I think we will need another 2 weeks of work before I’ll be happy running the Teeter in sequence.
  3. I’m still not 100% happy with his Dog Walk performance.  Dog Walk to the Manners Minder is 100%.  Dog Walk to a jump or the weaves is high 80% maybe even 90%.  But Dog Walk to tunnel is pretty much 100% fail on his first run and the 50 to 60% success on subsequent runs.

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