Training at home August 25, 2015

Today’s training course had 3 different mini courses all designed to test Ice’s contact criteria.  The course map is shown below.


We alternated between running the White and Black courses.  The purpose of this was to proof Ice’s understanding that the Teeter is different and requires different performance (4 feet on stopped) to the Dog Walk (running through).  Ice did pretty well at this, he clearly understands the difference between the two obstacles now and is performing the Teeter quickly and more importantly, safely,

I’m still a little concerned with his Dog Walk performance when there is an obstacle next rather than the Manners Minder.  He’s making the contact 100% but most of the hits are a little higher than I’d like and probably would miss a USDAA dog walk.

Tomorrow I’m going to introduce the grey course and also start doing some FX’s at the end of the Dog Walk.


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