Training at home August 26, 2015

Today we continued training on the same course that we used yesterday.  There were two major differences on today’s session compared to yesterdays.

  1. I recorded the session and posted it below.
  2. I used a squeaky toy as a reward, more on this below.

The squeaky toy did two things.  It speed up Ice’s overall performance and this led to really nice Dog Walk performance.  The faster Ice runs the better he seems to be hitting the yellow contact zone the way I want him to.

The other effect was to cause him to either come off the teeter early or stop short, in the yellow, but too high for my liking.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to a tug toy as a reward and play a few rounds of the bang game.  Hopefully that will be sufficient to get him running all the way to the end of the Teeter again.


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