AgilityFlow #8 Sequence #1

Here’s another great small space course from AgilityFlow  – this time we are looking at Serpentines.  I ran both Sky and Ice over this course, Sky ran first.

Here is the course map:AgilityFlow#8

I ran Sky over the course first, here is a video of his runs.

Things to note with Sky’s runs:

  • I need to stay very close to the wing on jump #2 to ensure a tight line to jump #3.  Compare my path on the first run to all the other runs.  The first run was 0.5s quicker than all the other runs.
  • Performing a landing side front cross between #5 and #6 was the quickest way of performing the middle section of the course – although I only attempted this on the first run.
  • On run #5 as Sky emerges from the #4 tunnel I raise my threadle arm too soon.  Sky see’s it moves towards me even though jump #5 is right in front of him.  Sky clearly understands the threadle arm much better than I thought he did – good boy Sky.
  • Reverse spin on jump #9 yielded a much better turn than a straightforward shoulder pull.

Next it was Icy’s turn.  He ran the course 3 times.  He was clean on each run and all runs were quicker than Sky although not by that much.

Finally here’s the side by side comparison of Sky and Ice’s best runs.


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