Ice loves running Agility Flow courses


Here’s another great (but slightly modified) course from AgilityFlow.  I chose this course as it allowed me to train several skills in one small space with minimal equipment (I hate course building).  Skills covered include:

  1. Extension to collection sequences – Ice approaches #3 in extension but needs to collect to get a nice turn for #4.  The same pattern is repeated between #5 and #6.
  2. Blind cross and Pull A-Frame exits.  I did a blind cross between #7 and #8 so that I could do a Jaakko turn from #8 to #9.  I did  a pull between #11 and #12 so that I could do a deceleration rear cross at #12.
  3. An (easy) tunnel A-Frame discrimination at #9 and #14.


Here is the course map, you need a space 18m by 11m (60 feet by 36 feet).


Icy ran the course twice this morning, both runs had nearly identical times although I liked the second run better than the first.  I was particularly pleased with how well Icy handled the rear cross at jump #12 – we have not practiced this skill much.

Here’s a side by side of Sky and Ice – Icy was over a second quicker.


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